Another wet weekend and although not ideal for most people, Fungi love it. Taking  several groups of photographers out on photo walks in Bradgate Park on a wet Saturday and dull but dry Sunday, I came across several Parasol mushrooms in various stages of development. Most were found well hidden in among the bracken so keeping your eyes open is important, but find one and there are generally others in the vicinity. You do need to get down low for the most interesting perspective which did require laying flat on the wet ground as most had stems less than 15 cm. A little bit of subtle gardening and its possible to get some interesting low angle shots.

Although a macro lens can be useful, it is far from essential as all of these were in fact taken with a standard 24-70mm lens except for three that I used nothing more than a basic iPhone. Helped by the dull conditions the tendency of smartphones to give you over saturated or contrasty images was far less of a problem, and looking at them all its hard to work out which are the iPhone ones.

One pristine example I found on the Saturday morning had a cap diameter of well over 20 cm, but unfortunately the world is full of morons, even in the rain, so going back with another group in the afternoon i found it smashed to pieces and trodden into the ground!


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