Foxton Locks

Its been a busy last few days so I’ve only just had a chance to look at my results of last Thursday evening’s  group visit to Foxton Locks. Being a very popular weekend destination for Leicester folk it was surprising to see so few people around on a quite pleasant summers evening in early August. The last boat was just descending the locks at 6pm after which time the flight of ten staircase locks were closed for the night, giving ample opportunity to experiment with a range of compositions. In the slowly fading light it was possible to take a variety of shots either looking up or down the staircase by simply moving a few feet to the left or right or making the trek to the very top or bottom. The chance of getting some exercise is not to be underestimated as is the added bonus of stopping off for a well earned drink in one of the two pubs at the bottom of the staircase.

Having visited one of the pubs, Bridge 61, for an early evening snack before the rest of the group arrived I had noticed a poster advertising Morris Dancers that same evening so for a change of pace and subject it was down to Bridge 61.

By the time we reached the pub the sky was clouding over and the last rays of sunlight had all but disappeared, but such is the advantage of modern cameras that by raising the ISO from between 200 to 1600 as the light faded it was still possible to capture the action with the odd blurred limb just adding to the sense of movement.


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