Through the Looking Glass

Thursday turned out to be the first dry day this week which was very fortunate as The Bradgate Park Trust were presenting outdoor performances of “Through the Looking Glass”. Mainly regarded as a children’s story, hence most of the audience were young children with parents in tow, however a good number of adults arrived to watch, as the play can be appreciated on many levels. What made this presentation so memorable were the three actors who really put there hearts into the performance.

Working outdoors without the aid of microphones the performers relied on powerful voices and strong facial expressions to help convey the mood of the moment. Added to this were a range of visually exciting props that anyone who had ever read the book would instantly recognize.

Photography was a challenge as the sun was high in the sky, the performances being at 11am and 2.30pm, added to this the light was very contrasty resulting in strong shadows often in all the wrong places! At least the strong sunlight helped to bring out the vibrant colours of the costumes adding to the visual spectacle.

With a fixed stage you are restricted to a certain extent as to photographic viewpoints, however the advantage of being outdoors was that the audience sat on the grass or on collapsible chairs so it was reasonably easy to move about depending on which direction the action was taking place in. Not everything took place on the stage however, as at any moment someone might leap off the stage and run round or through the audience adding to the excitement.


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