Launt Nature Reserve

Launt Nature Reserve was the venue for last Thursdays group visit, and what an interesting place it turned out to be, potentially offering plenty of photographic possibilities, not only on the day, but throughout the year. Even for the short time the group was there, I got the impression that everyone came away with something of interest. Constructed on a site of a former Colliery, as in fact are a number of Leicestershire reserves, which gives the site a natural feel but with undertones of past industry, which literally pushes through the ground in places, resulting in a diverse habitat for flora and fauna.

Three wetland pools of various sizes, modern woodland naturally regenerated since the colliery’s closure in 1968, together with both open grassland and grassland that has taken over former industrial development. It was this latter area that I decided to explore in the late afternoon sunlight, before the rest of the group arrived. Although this sort of location would normally see me out with a macro lens, as it was my first visit I decided to stick with my trusty 24-70mm seeing it very much has an all rounder. Reasonably close focusing when required yet versatile enough to cover a range of subjects, arguable not for distant objects however with modern high Megapixel cameras such as my Nikon D810’s 36megapixels, you can crop the final image dramatically when needed and still end up with a high quality result. It’s not that long ago that people were producing A3 prints from 3 and 4 megapixel cameras, how quickly things change!


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