Feasting on Fungi (Update)

One or two people have asked me a few questions about the drying of fungi, namely, how much do they shrink? and what do they actually look like when dry? Also what do the different varieties of Boletus fungi I collect look like?

Firstly a warning, DO NOT use a few photographs to decide which fungi to collect and eat! Eating the wrong fungi  IS DANGEROUS!

Here is a freshly sliced Boletus fungi and then dry two weeks later. The arrangement of the slices is different as I like to turn them over every 24 hours so they don’t stick to the wire.

IMG_1609The result of three trips to the woods over the period of a week, as such, some slices are almost dry, some partly dry and the rest freshly sliced. You should notice two distinct colours of the undersides, some pale gold and others blue/green which are a different variety of Boletus.


A box of dry fungi ready for me to use in soups and stews. Being so flavor rich I have enough in the box for some twelve meals. Its been slim pickings the last few days due to it being so dry, but as its raining today, by the weekend…


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